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We're not complicated. You walk by people like us every day. We're the guys on the road that make your kid say "Mommy, why is Bullwinkle sleeping in that man's truck?" or "Why doesn't our car have a gun rack?" We're the guys you want to have over for dinner because we'll bring dinner over, skin it and grill it. Yeah we'll do that, alright. But now we're bringing the wine too.

The wine world can be a bit bewildering for people who spend their free time sneaking around in camouflage. But even a wild man deserves the finer things in life. Gauge Wine is for that man.

Gauge Wine is for that moment when he comes home with a pile of ducks in the bed of his pickup and a smile his lady can see glowing in the driveway. That man doesn't just deserve to be admired. He deserves to be toasted.

And by the way, we love women who hunt too.

Born in Southern Louisiana to an artist and a builder, John spent his childhood hunting and fishing. A strong nose for adventure has taken him around the world as a photographer, art director, and all-around rabble-rouser. Upon leaving the corporate world of advertising to move to Napa, he discovered his own personal paradise of hunting and wine. One day as he was hunting with Bjorn, the epiphany hit him that he could do no wrong in combining his two favorite passions. At that very moment, Gauge Wine was born, and a new adventure began.

Growing up in the mountains above the Napa Valley, Bjorn was blessed with a childhood that revolved around the great outdoors. Hunting and fishing became an immediate passion upon being introduced to an experienced gamekeeper in England. While studying at UC Davis, Bjorn met a Frenchman who suggested that he work a harvest in France, where he would go on to develop an appetite for the lifestyle of wine. Upon his return, Bjorn developed two vineyards on his family property. On a hunt with John Putnam over a bottle of wine, Gauge Wine was conceived.